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Good Morning Foodies!

Here come the “40” DAYS OF LENT! This can mean many different things to each one of us Catholics! As a child, it meant giving up your favorite candy, gum, coke or TV cartoon show. Hopefully, as we grow and mature, we learn the value of things we give up or things we try to do differently or better.
In my later years, I have chosen to do things that help others or things that help improve myself, rather than give up my favorite food or activity! Trust me, it can be just as difficult as giving up that big chocolate brownie staring you down.

I realize that everyone strives to reach the top of the mountain in our daily goals, but sometimes all the happiness and growth occurs while you are climbing that mountain! I know when just one person says to me, “YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY!”—All I know is that MAKES MY DAY! It can be the little things that give the most satisfaction.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fail to accomplish these tasks. Take pride in that you can start over again and again! If we never make mistakes, we never learn anything new!

Take time in these “40” DAYS OF LENT to reflect on how you can make things better for those around yourself. With this attitude, YOU WILL BE THE ONE WHO BECOMES BETTER!

Have a safe and productive weekend!

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