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Good Morning Foodies!

Today’s Menu:
Skillet Hash with Fried Eggs Stuffed into Potato Skins
Savory Asparagus and Ham Tarts
Unbelievable Doughnut Hole Kebabs
Tasty Strawbellini
Hopefully, everyone fixed all their CLOCKS! Wish I could fix my bodily clock to adjust, but no such luck! SOOOO TIRED WHEN I GET UP!
Don’t look now but EASTER is quickly approaching. Seems like all the holidays are coming SUPER-EARLY this year.
Two Big Dates coming up: Sunday, March 17th is ST. PADDY’S DAY and Tuesday, March 19th is ST. JOSEPH’S DAY! Both are very special day for what they stand for and then along come all the great FOOD and BEVERAGES that can be prepared to accompany these two great men!
Have a great day and be safe!

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