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Good Morning Foodies!

When you look at your calendar and see the events approaching, you also have to think about “STRIPPING DOWN”! Yep, no more big sweaters, jogging suits, scarves, knee-high boots, etc.!

So that can only mean: SHORTS, MINI SKIRTS, HALTER TOPS, SANDLES, BATHING SUITS! You get my drift!!!!!!!!
I have to now focus on getting rid of my “WINTER FAT”, but I am afraid I will be trading that in for “SPRING ROLLS”! UGH!!
I like to tell my GIRLIE GRAND PEEPS that if your thighs touch, you are one step closer to being a mermaid! I CALL THAT A WINNER IN MY BOOK!
I was hoping that shaving my legs would constitute a loss of at least 5-8 lbs. Yes, I am desperate!
All silliness aside, SPRING IS NEARING! When you look around, you see NEW LIFE BLOOMING everywhere! It is so beautiful, fresh and inspiring! Try not to judge yourself too harshly! Think of your good qualities, things you have to offer, observe all your blessings, hug all your love ones and just have a grand smile and belly laugh! Life is more than wearing a bikini!

DON’T LOOK NOW, BUT THAT DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME IS HERE AGAIN! Don’t know about you but at my age, I don’t like giving up an hour!
Have a safe and productive weekend!

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