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Good Morning Foodies!

The other day, I was doing my daily walk with my gal friends, here in Opelousas. As we were passing the court house, we saw this parking sign. It really caught our attention! This is what it said, “SIN PARKING”!

As you can tell, us gals had a few laughs and thoughts about this sign. First, we wondered, “HOW LONG CAN YOU PARK THERE—DID IT DEPEND ON THE SEVERITY OF THE SIN?” We were thinking, the worse your sin is, the longer you get to park! Then, our little pea brains started to wander off to other possible signs that might work!
1- “FAT PARKING”—the fatter you are the further away from the entrance—you must park!
2- “INTOXICATING PARKING”—now where do you get to park for this—we all know the shortest distance is a straight line—in this instance, that straight line might not be an option.

So, you can see, we are nuts, but we have a great time on our morning walks!

I am hoping all your little penances for LENT-hold true for you. You know not eating meat during LENT really doesn’t count here in LOUISIANA. If they told me I couldn’t eat SEAFOOD during LENT—then I would truly be struggling! JUST GOES TO SHOW YOU THAT GOD REALLY LOVES US SOUTHERNERS!
KITCHEN WILL BE CLOSED ON MONDAY, MARCH 18TH-I am having a little “FOOT SURGERY”! I guess I will be hobbling for a bit.
Have a great and productive weekend!

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