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Good Morning Foodies!

Just in case you do not have a calendar or something to indicate to you that things are changing, stroll down the aisles of your favorite store! Whatever lines the shelves will let you know what time of the year it is.

When you see there is a sale of inflatable pools, beach balls, snorkeling gear, assorted life preservers, sun screen, sunglasses, visors, and the infamous flip-flops, you know that the LAZY DAYS OF SUMMER are slipping away.

You will now see signs for LAY-AWAYS, BUY TWO GET ONE HALF PRICE, FREE MONOGRAMMING WITH A MINIUMUM PURCHASE OF $100.00—so what am I looking at—racks and racks of SCHOOL UNIFORMS. There will be shirts of all colors to represent the SCHOOL AND MASCOT! Not far behind, are the stacks of khaki pants, certain type of shoes, jackets, etc. Yes, we are a society of stamping out little robots!

Let us not forget the long, long, long list of the infamous SCHOOL SUPPLIES! I can remember when that included a 5-spiral notebook, a lined tablet, #2 pencils, a pair of scissors, some type of glue, colors or markers. Then, I remember bringing my books home and making book covers from the brown grocery bags. Yep, that was styling!

Today, I think parents have to go and get a loan just to register kids. They all seem to require calculators, lap tops, fancy binders, certain type of back packs, and the list goes on and on.

I know the old days are long gone but I wish for my GRAND PEEPS that life was much simpler, safer and care-free! Due to the vast media of this universe, we are no longer unaware of all the tragedy that goes on in the world. The younger generation should have a chance to enjoy a peaceful and carefree life!
I think before the hectic schedule begins, I will turn off all media vibes and just enjoy the people around me!

Have a safe and most productive weekend!

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