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Good Morning Foodies!

I have always said, it is nice living in areas, that when you drive down a highway, whether it be a rural or major one, and see those individuals selling their home-grown produce. I guess, I have a soft spot in my heart, for these people, because my FATHER was one of those people.

In addition, to his regular 8-5 job, he had a huge acre citrus farm. Every Friday, he would load up his truck and go to the FRENCH QUARTER area of NEW ORLEANS to sell his produce. He would not come home until he sold everything on his truck. He did this for many years, until he finally built up a cliental that eventually started coming to his place. That is when I, at the age of “5”, would take orders on the phone, from people as far away as Mississippi and the surrounding areas. He had the best citrus that I have every put in my mouth and I know those who tasted my Dad’s produce will totally agree with me.

When I moved my parents to Opelousas, we made sure, he had a place to grow his citrus. He was so proud of his citrus crops. After my parents passed on, we sold the property. We were so lucky, because the sweet people, who bought the property, still took care of his trees. My Dad would of liked that!

The one thing that I do remember, when my dad would come home from selling his produce, he would bring back some great olives from the FRENCH QUARTER. His mother, my grandmother, would bake home-made bread. We would cut the hot bread, drizzle great olive oil, sprinkle with fresh black pepper and freshly grated parmesan cheese and eat the wonderful dish while we watched the FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS on TV and I would twirl my baton when they played the opening song (YOU KNOW THAT GILLETTE SONG)! What a great life it was!!!

So, whenever I see these people, who are selling on the side of the road, I think of my dad and I often try to stop and help support these very diligent individuals. I know today we have plenty of FARMERS’ MARKETS which are great, but my heart goes out to those who sit by the side of the road, trying to make a living for their families! So, next time, you can help one of these people, DO IT! They will be so appreciative!!

One of those things you learn from your wise parents and grandparents is this, “LIVE A GOOD, HONORABLE LIFE…..THEN WHEN YOU GET OLDER AND THINK BACK, YOU’LL ENJOY IT A SECOND TIME!”

I hope you have a great and productive weekend!

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