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Today’s Repeat Menu:

Picnic in a Jar
Pizza Reuben Style
Quickie Chicken Chili
Sno-Ball Mug Cake

Today is TIP DAY! If you would like to make your own VALENTINE’S CAKE, have no fear! Very simply, bake a square-shaped cake and a round-shaped cake. Cut the round cake in half and place to the sides of the square cake. BAM! you have your own VALENTINE’S CAKE! If you want to push the envelope, make a double layered one. Fill the middle with fresh berries that are marinated in your favorite liquore! You will amaze your LOVED ONES!

Today’s menu is simple but a great one if you decide to have a nice quite picnic outside. This can make your VALENTINE’S DAY UNIQUE!

Have a great day!

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