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Good Morning Foodies!

Today’s Repeat Menu:

Chicken Lasagna Caesar Style
Baked Parmesan Crusted Cauliflower
Pumpkin Fudge

Today’s GADGET is the CROCK POT LUNCH CROCK! In easy words, it is a miniature model of everyone’s favorite slow-cooker. Prepping a meal for both dinner and next day’s lunch sounds smart, but it isn’t always easy as it seems. Some foods are okay in microwave, but it doesn’t always cook evenly or well. With this gadget, you can securely transport and cook everything from soups and stews to grains and even roasted proteins and veggies. This CROCKPOT makes portion control very easy. The interior container, which comes detached from the warmer, can hold 24 ounces of liquid or solid food. It is the perfect size for filling lunch.

The interior chamber is equipped with air-tight lid. Simply fill up, place it into the mini CROCKPOT, close both lids and plug the gadget in, and flip on the power switch. You only need to remember it is not instantaneous like a microwave. You need to heat at least 20 minutes before to have it ready for you.

Great to bring to your job for your lunch or have it at home so kids can flip it on in case you are running late and they are starving. Love this! It is available on AMAZON.COM It comes in different colors, sizes, etc.

Have a great day!

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