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Good Morning Foodies!

I so enjoyed my Mother’s Day weekend! Hubby, our Son and Son-in-Law did their all-time best on waiting on all the MOTHERS! I did not have all my little chickadees with me but heard from them all.

I realize my daughters, now are MOTHERS, and it is important, that they spend and make their memories with their own families, as well. SOMETIMES YOU START WHERE YOU ARE—USE WHAT YOU HAVE—DO WHAT YOU CAN!!!! That is all I can ask of my children.
As I gazed around on Sunday, I thought to myself, “FALLING IN LOVE IS THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING!”

These last few weeks of May are going to fly by. They are also filled with so many upcoming activities and events. There are all the graduations. As we all know, this covers—KINDERGARTEN, EIGHTH GRADE, HIGH SCHOOL, COLLEGE, and STUDIES BEYOND COLLEGE! WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t forget we have to squeeze in Memorial Day!

If you are able to attend any of these great achievements of people you love—DO IT AND ENJOY IT! If we could all remember the following: “LIVE EVERY MOMENT! LAUGH EVERYDAY! LOVE BEYOND WORDS! LEARN ALL YOU CAN!—NO MATTER WHAT AGE YOU ARE!

I am sure most families will be enjoying some type of family gathering with all the events that fall in May. I thought I would share a little story that took place at the lake a couple of weeks ago. Hubby was fishing with a friend. I could hear them laughing and talking about something. They sounded like they were having way too much fun. So, I thought, I would take a listen. Hubby says, “SHE IS SHORT, FAT AND HAS A BIG MOUTH—DO I KEEP HER OR NOT!” Cackle, cackle, cackle! I come around the corner and see to my amazement, he is actually talking about a BASS, he caught! Good save, I say to myself! You know what I was thinking! You know MARRIAGE is like a DECK OF CARDS—In the beginning, all you need is TWO HEARTS and a DIAMOND! By the end, you wish you had a CLUB AND A SPADE! Anyway, we all had a great laugh. Of course, all you gals know, “THE ROOSTER CROWS BUT THE HEN DELIVERS THE GOODS!”

Have a safe and productive weekend!

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