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Creamy Berry-Mango Almond Shake
Bacony Cheddar Grits Quiche
Mugful Easy Omelet
Decadent Chocolate-Cookie Crunch Trifle


My lovely going home shoes. BOOT VS. SECURITY!!!!!!!!!!!

My lovely going home shoes.June 24, 2013:   Good Morning Foodies---And I Mean It In the Most Sincere Way!!!!!!!!! I finally made it home last…

Fountain In Lobby.

Views of and from the lobby Of Phoenician Hotel in Scottsdale.


Palm Trees, Pool, Relaxation.

The Phoenician in Scottsdale, AZ.


My Amazing Spiderwoman transformation….

Think my Amazing Spiderwoman transformation may be happening. I am shooting webs out of my wrists. Comes in real handy when you want to grab…

SPIDERS, OH MY!!!!!!!!

June 18, 2013: Good Morning Foodies! Just a quick check in this morning! Getting on a jet plane on Wednesday. I had a little outdoor…

Kitchen Closed This Week!

Good Morning Foodies! Remember Kitchen Closed this week. Will be back on Tuesday, June 25th. Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Hoping my Tigers will…

You can now subscribe to my blog!

My posts can be sent directly to you via email.  If you are pressed for time in the morning...put your email address in the little…


June 13, 2013 Good Morning Foodies! It is time to pay homage to all those men who stand up and take on the “FATHER” roles.…

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