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Good Morning Foodies!
I just can’t believe we are 6 months, into this year, already. I use to think, it was a feeling of elderly people, but I do hear the younger generation, complaining how time does fly! I find it so strange with all the fang-dangle electronic devices, to help our daily lives, just makes me feel, like I just get further and further behind. God knows, when the electricity goes out it takes me 2 days to reset all the clocks, etc. We just have to keep focused on the present and not get frustrated. Try to remember: “HAPPINESS IS NOT A DESTINATION—IT IS A WAY OF LIFE!” We should all, LAUGH AS MUCH AS WE BREATHE!
I guess everyone is out of school by now. So how many activities have you signed your kids up for! I always found summer was harder than the school year. Kids have to be all over the place: SUMMER CAMPS; SWIMMING LESSONS; BASKETBALL OR SOCCER WORKSHOPS; VACATIONS; DRIVING LESSONS; SUMMER JOBS; DANCE PROGRAMS; GOD FORBID—SUMMER SCHOOL!
I can remember when school was out—YOU TOOK OFF YOUR SHOES, WENT BAREFOOT ALL SUMMER; RODE YOUR BIKE UNTIL THE SUN WENT DOWN; JUST PLAYED OUTSIDE AND USED YOUR IMAGINATION! Don’t care what you say—simple is better here. You know for me, another day has passed, and I didn’t use ALGEBRA, once! Hated MATH!
Thinking, get those kids out in the yard and let them work the gardens and teach them to prepare the veggies. I have found that if they grow it, take care of it, pick it, and cook it, they will at least try and eat it.
Bottom line here, try to slow down the pace and enjoy what is around you a little more.
Have a safe and productive weekend!

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