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April 18, 2013

Good Morning Foodies!  Sorry, for the late posting. I  had to do appetizers and sides for a function at Lodge for 80 people last night. Here is a short little breakdown of my birthday Napa trip.  Yes, it seems like it doesn’t end right!   You know you do consume great quantities of wine or you either cook with it.  Love versatile products!  I also look at this trip as being sort of a REHAB PROJECT!  There are certain wineries you go to and pay anywhere from $20-and up for wine samplings.  I am okay with that.  It is when they put this big bucket in front of you and tell you to take a sip, gargle like mouth wash and spit it out!  WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I told the nice wine expert—I am from Louisiana and the only thing I spit out is the casing from BOUDIN!!!!!!!!  So you can see my stint at rehab was short lived. I knew I was having too much fun at my birthday, when I went across the floor to fill my wine glass, I found out I won the dance contest!!!!!!!  Yikes!!!!  This is how I look at this age process:  “I AM NOT HERE FOR A LONG TIME—BUT I AM HERE FOR A GOOD TIME!”  Have a most wonderful weekend—DON’T FORGET TO GET OUT TO THE GROUNDS OF THE SACRED HEART FOR FAMILY CONGE DAY, SUNDAY, APRIL 21st !!!!

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