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Good Morning Foodies!

Every time I am engaged in a JOURNEY, I really try to reflect on what I learned from it. I ask myself did it make me a better person, wiser person, happier person—on and on. I do like meeting the new people that might be thrown into the mix on my trip, no matter the age. As we all grow older, we don’t lose our friends, we just learn who the real ones are.

I must say, the older I get, I am not that wild about the “BATHING SUIT” THING! I really try not to stress about my FAILING EYESIGHT, as I age. I figure it is NATURE’S WAY of protecting me from shock as I walk past the mirror!

I firmly believe you should take as many VACATIONS as you can! Go to as many places as you can! You can always make MONEY but you can’t always make MEMORIES! Having to cancel our family vacation this past summer was an awakening call. I tried not to dwell on what I was missing but being positive that there will be another adventure!

I do know that day would happen and realize I can’t make that journey because of certain limitations that come as we age. I have decided that before this continues to happen, I want to get somewhere new as often as I can. To achieve that—“YOU MUST FIRST DECIDE THAT YOU ARE TIRED OF BEING WHERE YOU ARE!”


So, when you find the JOURNEY you want to be on—just tell yourself, THERE IS NO FINISH LINE! Go as long as you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I dwell on those days I missed with my loving family, I feel like that day when I went without CHOCOLATE for 12 DAYS—I lost my HEARING in my LEFT EYE!

Have a safe and productive weekend!

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