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Good Morning Foodies!

I was thinking about those terms, “GROWING OLD OR GROWING UP”! You know we all GROW OLD but not all of us GROW UP! Actually, I thought GROWING OLD would take longer—FOOLED ME!

In this aging process, I have noticed that LIFE isn’t about FINDING YOURSELF but LIFE is about CREATING YOURSELF! Big difference!
It is easy to get in a rut and stay there. Not always easy to move forward, but to grow you need to take those steps, whether they are easy or scary!

Always try to remember the following words of wisdom:
WORK for a CAUSE, not for the APPLAUSE.
Don’t strive to make your PRESENCE noticed, just make your ABSENCE felt!
One of those things my GRANDFATHER told me about life is this:
“YOU WANT TO BE GOOD BUT BE GOOD AT BEING BETTER!” Think about that statement! It took me a while to have it register into my soul! It is a great guide in life!

Remember-Life is full of Surprises…Why should Today be any Different? Your surprise today is—YOU GET AN EXTRA DAY IN YOUR LIFE! IT IS A LEAP YEAR! Better yet, if you have not had your birthday yet this year, you get to stay at your present age another day! Use it wisely!

KITCHEN WILL BE CLOSED FROM FRIDAY, MARCH 1-MONDAY, MARCH 11. Beware it is a new month-you know the IDES OF MARCH! Also take note, the DAYLIGHT SAVINGS RETURNS ON MARCH 10TH! Just what I need, to LOSE AN HOUR!

Have a safe and productive weekend!

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