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Good Morning Foodies!

“EXAGGERATION”—here is a word that we have all used at least once in our lives. It is quite difficult to determine when it is good or when it is not so good!
For example: If a child thinks he has just painted the most beautiful picture and is so proud of himself, but when you look at his bedroom wall and see the painting—you have a moment there! Do you scold him or praise him! I guess we praise him—so here, it is good for him, not so much for you!
Or have you ever eaten a dish that someone prepared and it was awful, but you ate every bite as not to hurt their feelings. You just go on and on how fabulous it is. Good for them, not so good for you!

Now when it comes to MEN, I think they are the KINGS OF EXAGGERATION! How many times have we heard about the BIG BUCK that got away and nothing makes a FISH BIGGER than almost being CAUGHT!

Here is FUNNY EXAGGERATED STORY that I will share with you.

One early morning while I was posting on the website-GAA, HUBBY quietly sneaks up to me and taps me on my shoulder and says in a very low voice. “Come with me but don’t freak out!”

Okay, did he not notice when he snuck upon me-I was already FREAKED OUT!

I follow him to the other side of house. He says to me, “THERE IS A SNAKE IN THE BATHROOM!” So, he has my attention!
He has his hip boots on, and is carrying a hammer. He tells me when he goes in, close the door behind him and stuff the towels at the base of the door! YIKES!!!!

He goes in, closes door, I stuff towels! I hear, “BANG, BANG, BANG!” I am thinking he is battling THE ANACONDA! I am holding my breath!
He slowly opens door and comes out with his boots intact, the hammer in one hand and a tiny rope in his hand! OOPS-sorry, I did not have my glasses on—it was the SNAKE in his hand!

He is so proud of himself! I say nice job as I look at the broken floor tile and wondering where is BABY SNAKE’S MOMMA! So, the EXAGGERATION is great for him, NOT SO MUCH FOR ME!


I will just let it go! We all know that a SIMPLE ACT OF KINDESS creates an ENDLESS RIPPLE!

Have a safe and productive weekend!

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