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Good Morning Foodies!

I really don’t know why it seems to me that TIME just goes by so fast, as we get to those GOLDEN YEARS! I actually realized that it has nothing to do with age. It is the way the world seems to revolve so fast.

Yes, thanks to 24/7 news, you can’t really put your head in the sand. This age of modern technology has brought everything to the forefront and in lightning speed. I notice when I am away from the “normal” day, when I don’t have to use my computer, Iphone, Ipad, Facebook, etc., life does seem to slow down a bit. I think we all need to shove those gadgets under the bed every so often and enjoy those around you without looking at the clock!

Yes, we all have to be somewhere at certain times, but there should be moments, when you can stop and jump off that MERRY-GO-ROUND.
As my WISE GRANDMOTHER use to say: “Don’t be someone’s DOWNTIME, SPARETIME,
PART-TIME or SOMETIME! If they can’t be there for you ALL OF THE TIME, then they are not even worth YOUR TIME!

So, my FOODIE FRIENDS, as we get on the crazy cycle of school beginning along with all the extra-curriculum activities, choose your TIME WISELY!
Have a safe and productive weekend!

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