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Good Morning Foodies!

As I look at this month’s calendar and the upcoming end of summer, I see a whirlwind of events about to happen. We all know this usually encompasses the word “FAMILY”! If we are all honest with each other, the word “FAMILY” can become a stretch “F—A—M—I—L—Y”!

I always try to remember that FAMILY is the ANCHOR that holds us through LIFE’S STORMS!

It would be nice to see a sign on a welcoming door that says, “STEP into our HOME and consider yourself FAMILY”!
I try to welcome everyone into my home. I think being an only child has made me crave the family and friend groupings.

When someone enters my home, I like to share the following:
Your SMILE lights up the room!
Your MIND is an open gate!
You are WAY MORE than enough.
You are doing an AMAZING JOB AT LIFE!

Just take a step back and look around all your loved ones, cherish them, encourage them, embrace them, forgive them, support them….JUST DO ANYTHING FOR THEM THAT SHOWS YOUR LOVE AND GRATITUDE!

I must say the response you wonderful FOODIES made on the blog about me shutting down making the 120 PUMPKIN BREADS made me feel so unbelievably LOVED! Trust me when I wrote that story didn’t really think about anyone even thinking about it. My heart was so touched by you all. Goes to show how just a few words of caring make a whole big EFFECT! Thank you all for the most heart-felt comments!

Have a safe and productive weekend!

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