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Good Morning Foodies!
Okay, I know that some of you are in the mind set of SUMMER VACATIONS! How I loved to go to the beach in my younger days—NOT SO MUCH, ANY MORE! When I put on my SWIMSUIT-it yells back at me, “YOU BETTER GET YOUR BUTT TO A GYM!”, but then my SWEET DARLING SWEATPANTS pat my back and say, “NAH, GIRL, YOU’RE GOOD!”

I have decided the secret to eating healthy is to avoid any food that has a TV COMMERCIAL! So, what does that leave you with!
You always hear, “DON’T EAT THOSE MIDNIGHT SNACKS! I then think to myself, “IF WE ARE NOT MEANT TO HAVE A MIDNIGHT SNACK—WHY IS THERE A LIGHT IN THE REFRIGERATOR?! I believe that if it weren’t for the fact that the TV and the REFRIGERATOR are so far apart, some of us would not get any EXERCISE at all.

My big question for the day is, “DOES RUNNING LATE COUNT AS EXERCISE?”
Don’t sweat the small stuff—ENJOY LIFE, ENJOY YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS and all will fall into place!

Have a safe and productive weekend!

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