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Beautiful full moon on our walk back to our side of heaven

Colorado Springs – Monday

In Blog On April 11, 2017
Our morning stroll

Colorado Springs – Sunday!

In Blog On April 10, 2017


Fleming Winery

Saturday in Napa… Kelly Fleming Winery!

In Blog On March 20, 2017
Lunch gang

St. Patrick’s Day in Napa…

In Blog On March 17, 2017


The Berilda

Our last day

In Blog On February 5, 2017

  It was an amazing trip. Always good to come home!  

Coming into St Thomas1

Oh Friday already!

In Blog On February 3, 2017


Hubby and I enjoying our Mardi Gras celebration on our boat trip

Our Thursday… wonderful day…

In Blog On February 3, 2017

My Wednesday this week….

In Blog On February 1, 2017


Yep bar on boat is a Star

Morning breakfast! Quinoa with fresh yogurt and fruit. Sooo different but sooo delicious!

In Blog On January 31, 2017


Landing in Saint Thomas

Sundays travels

In Blog On January 30, 2017