Four Gadgets to help with Christmas Cookie Baking:

Kuhu Rikon Mini Scoops

Linden Sweden Stacked Cooling Deck

Linden Sweden Stacked Cooling Deck

Four Gadgets to help with Christmas Cookie Baking2

Pastry Bags on a Roll

Four Gadgets to help with Christmas Cookie Baking3

American Metalcraft Pizza Knife

Today I am featuring 4 gadgets that will help you make those Christmas Cookies, etc. look fabulous and make your job easier!
The first are the KUHN RIKON MINI SCOOPS. These scoops make fast work of portioning dumplings for cobblers, gougeure dough, ice cream and of course, your favorite cookie dough. They come in 1, 2 and 3 Tablespoon sizes and conveniently color-coded so you can easily grab the right one for your job.

Second, is the LINDEN SWEDEN STACKED DECK FOR COOLING. When you are in the midst of a holiday-baking throw down, you will want this cooling rack on hand. It allows you to have four pans of cookies cooling at once time. If you have the space, you can also use it to organize and neatly store baking sheets in a cabinet when it is off duty. If you are tight on space, it fold flat for storage. That is a WIN, WIN!!!

Thirdly, is the PASTRY BAGS ON A ROLL. If you are piping icings and batters you needs of the pastry bag are ready and handy. The box has 30 bags and are BPA-FREE.

Lastly, is the BIG KNIFE! Even with a ruler and your longest possible knife, it can be difficult to make straight cuts in bar cookies, especially if they are thick and multilayered. This is AMERICAN METALCRAFT’S PIZZA KNIFE, which is great not only for cleaving a big cheese-covered pie into wedges but also perfect for cutting bar cookies. It is 23 inches long, it will let you cut clean squares or rectangles for treats baked even in a large 12×16” sheet pan and the nearly 4 inch wide blade can handle your tallest bar cookies, as well.

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