Those Gurus of Cooking recommend the following gadgets to have a successful Thanksgiving Feast!

Those Gurus of Cooking recommend the following gadgets to have a successful Thanksgiving Feast!






Today’s TIP includes what “THOSE IN THE KNOW”, say you must have in your kitchen to have a successful THANKSGIVING!

1-J.K. ADAMS CARVING BOARD A good carving board has a channel to collect the juices that run off the roasted turkey and keep your counter clean. But a great carving board, has a pour spout so those flavorful juices can easily be poured off to add to the gravy. It also has an indentation to help hold the turkey in place while carving.
2-CRISTEL HEAVY-DUTY ROASTER This roasting pan is wide, sturdy, easy-to-grasp handles to help to maneuver it. A matte surface to prevent scratching; a flat, flameproof bottom for whisking up pan gravy on stovetop and an adjustable roasting rack. It also works for smaller roasts.
3-OXO TRIPLE TIMER When you are juggling cooking times for several dishes, this triple timer can keep track of it all at once, with different alarm sounds for each of the three timers.
4-ALL CLAD ROAST LIFTERS One great trick for keeping the turkey juicy is to begin roasting it breast-side down and then flip it midway through cooking. The lifters help to keep your grip on a hot, partly cooked turkey. It is also a breeze to securely move the bird from roasting pan to carving board once cooked.
5-AMCO FAT SEPARATOR This is the best fat separator. It eliminated the perennial problem of fat getting into the spout as you pour off the turkey juices, because instead of a spout it drains the juices from a hole in bottom of the cup, which is opened by squeezing a lever in the handle.
6-VIKING OVAL COVERED ROASTER This covered roaster can handle our holiday roasts and sides. The lid doubles as a gratin dish and the rack can be hung from the edges of the pan to cook potatoes underneath.

Not sure if you need all of that but if you have it use it!

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