Good Morning Foodies!

Today’s Menu:

Fresh Strawberry and Tomato Combo Salad
Family Favorite Chicken, Brown Rice and Broccoli Casserole

Tonight is the ST. LANDRY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE SOIREE ROYALE! If you don’t have tickets and they have some left—GEAUX GET ONE AND JOIN THE FUN!

We all need to take pause and remember “9-11”! With all the devastating hurricanes hitting our neighbors, we tend to get pulled into what is happening now and tend to let memories take a back seat! This is something we should never forget!

Hoping the best recovery efforts for all of our Texas and Florida neighbors! Tough times!

We should all remember, “IT’S NOT WHETHER YOU GET KNOCKED DOWN, IT’S WHETHER YOU GET UP!” We all know we are a strong nation and our faith is always there to help us GET UP!

Have a great day!

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