Today's Gadget is the Sterling Scrubber!

Today’s Gadget is the Sterling Scrubber!

Today's Gadget is the Sterling Scrubber!1

Today’s GADGET is one that a friend gave me. Trust me, I want one in every room in my house. It is the most amazing SCRUBBER! It is STERLING’S SCRUBBER. It won’t rust, has an anti-bacterial technology, and has no metal! I use it on everything that needs scrubbing! This product was bought at SOURCE 1 on Bertrand in Lafayette. I have never heard of this store but my friend says they have about anything: Filters for refrigerators, ice makers, cleaners, appliance parts, tools, etc.
I can tell you how good this product is! Every time I put one out, whether it is here at house or lodge, it is gone the next time! Someone is sneaking off with them, I believe!

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