Today's Gadget is Chef Tony's Trisagna Pan.

Today’s Gadget is Chef Tony’s Trisagna Pan.

Today’s GADGET is called CHEF TONY’S TRISAGNA PAN. If you and your family love LASAGNA, but as we know, everyone has a certain method of preparation of this dish.
Here is your answer to that problem. Make a meal the entire family will enjoy with this INNOVATIVE TRISAGNA PAN. Whip up three types of LASAGNA with this convenient tray. It is the perfect solution for picky eaters or those with dietary restrictions. Each compartment has its own lifter to allow the grease to drain underneath and for easy serving. Each section, 12 ½”W x 3 1/8”D x 2 ¼”H. Overall it is 15 ½”W x 11 ¾”D x 3”H. It is made of carbon steel. It is oven and dishwasher safe. This was also found on the LAKESIDE.COM site. It sells for $19.98. I think this is a great product. It can also be used to make different types of meat loaves.

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