Today's Gadget is the Oil-Less Air Fryer!

Today’s Gadget is the Oil-Less Air Fryer!

Today’s Gadget is one that I find quite intriguing. Once again, like the INSTA POT, I do not have this gadget—THE OIL-LESS AIR FRYER! YIKES!!!!!!!!!! SAY IT AIN’T SO!
This is the BIG BOSS 9063 1300 WATT OIL-LESS AIR FRYER. It is 16 quarts in size. It has triple cooking power: HALOGEN, CONVECTION AND INFARRED HEAT. You can quickly cook items from the frozen state, no thawing time needed! Hmmm!! There are two trays to cook multiple foods at the same time. You will use less energy and cook up to 3 times faster. The lid’s tight seal keeps hot air inside. They run anywhere from $85-$100, depending where you get them. This one I spotted on and it sold for $99.00 with free shipping.
Once again, if any of you have any experience with the OIL-LESS AIR FRYER, share your knowledge.

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